When is landscaping season?

In warmer climates, spring is the season for most lawn work. Whether you hire professionals or go the DIY route, it's the season for aerating, overplanting, fertilizing and mowing your lawn. Now is the time to overhaul your irrigation and irrigation system to prepare for the long, hot summer. Fall is the forgotten season when it comes to lawn and landscape care.

Many people just focus on cleaning the leaves and don't realize that their garden still needs care to keep it in good health for the next spring. Here are some tips for keeping your garden healthy. Since the beginning of autumn lends itself to cooler temperatures and lower humidity, it's the most favorable and comfortable time of year to embark on your landscaping project. Planting trees, shrubs, and perennials in the fall allows them to establish their root system so that they are strong when spring comes.

More developed root systems help plants perform better in summer, rather than those planted in spring. Winter in Florida isn't brutal, but you do need to prepare your plants. Prune, prune, or remove treesPlan your garden or landscapeDecide if you want to hire a landscaper this yearIf you want to hire a landscaper, meet with them to review your options. Although many of us have the virus of planting on the first beautiful day of spring, it's not necessarily the best time to start your landscaping project.

Your local gardening professional can offer you additional ideas and suggestions to make the most of your outdoor living space. It's important to understand how and when to landscaping your home to ensure that the fruits of your labor are a success and don't result in a bunch of brown, saggy foliage. In the months between November and April, most garden shrubs, shrubs and hedges will remain dormant. As fall holidays approach, it's a good time to plant cold-tolerant annuals like Diasica, Osteospermum, Nemesia, and Osaka, the flowering cabbage that seems to settle in every landscape bed in October.

Lawns and landscapes are vital components of creating healthy communities and maintaining good personal health. Whether you're considering hiring a landscaper or doing it yourself, it's important to have all the useful facts and tips to make a decision.

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