How do you start a lawn mower that won't start?

Old gasoline can cause starting difficulties. Check for water in the fuel tank, clean the starter cable from obstructions. The spark plug is the component in your engine that creates the spark that ignites gasoline. If you have the user's manual, look for where the spark plugs are located.

Be sure to handle the spark plugs with care. You can buy a special solution at a hardware store to clean the spark plug from any moisture or grease. After doing that, try turning on the lawnmower again. If that didn't fix the problem, then you may need to buy a new spark plug.

Make sure you find one that is compatible with the type of engine you have. Otherwise, it won't work and could cause further damage. The user's manual should specify which types of sockets are compatible with the mower. Insert the carburetor cleaning straw directly into the main jet conduit and squeeze the can trigger several times until the aerosol is fired into the carburetor venturi.

This will confirm that the passage is open. A clogged main jet is a fairly common problem. You can try cleaning it with an aerosol carburetor cleaner (Photo. If the engine is still not receiving fuel, replace the carburetor.

If you're wondering why your gas lawn mower won't start or if you're looking for tips on starting a lawn mower, read ahead for answers to some of the frequently asked questions. To isolate the cover as the cause of the lawn mower starting problem, turn on and operate the mower for a while with the cover removed and then with the cover on to see if the cover affects the operability of the lawn mower. I don't fix lawn equipment professionally, but I've learned all this from playing with motors since I was a teenager, and I've gained about thirty years of experience with lawn mowers, string mowers and hedge trimmers. Keep a lawnmower long enough, you are bound to run into a lot of lawnmower problems, such as starting, smoking, dripping, mowing, and overheating.

While repairing lawn mowers can be a DIY job, there are times when it may be best to ask a professional for help repairing a lawn mower. A lawnmower solenoid in your lawn mower is an electromagnetic switch that is like an on-off switch that operates the starter to turn the engine.

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