How many times a year should you treat your lawn?

You want to feed your lawn when it grows faster. However, you should base the frequency on your climate and the type of grass you have. For example, cold-season grasses can be fertilized in late spring, but only if necessary. I recommend fertilizing your lawn four times a year with a slow-release organic fertilizer.

For the best possible results, we recommend annual aeration every fall. Fall is the best time to air, as it is also the time when we need to oversow (also included in Plus and Premier). The best thing is for the seeds to fall into the holes that we create through aeration so that they enter the soil. The last thing your lawn needs is constant supercharging.

It does nothing to benefit your lawn and can be harmful to the environment. For most lawns, applying fertilizer once or twice a year is enough to keep the lawn green and healthy. Precisely when you apply fertilizer it depends in part on your climate, but above all on the type of grass you have. The key is to fertilize during the season when the lawn grows the most.

Don't fertilize a new lawn until the lawn is actively growing and you've mowed the lawn at least three times. It's also important that your lawn care program is robust enough to meet the different needs your lawn will have at different times of the year. Caring for your lawn all year round means maintaining a strict schedule of lawn care, fertilizing, aerating and more at the right time.

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